Headshot Information and Pricelist 

What to expect

Sessions are held outdoors using natural light and also from a studio setting with with natural or studio lights. The studio space is in Muswell Hill. Before the shoot we will talk through what you or your agency are looking for and discuss how we can achieve the desired results.

On the day of the session I recommend bringing along 4 choices of top, a light colour, grey, black or navy and an additional colour that suits your skin tone or eyes. Keeping the neckline simple (Round-neck/V-neck/Shirt) and the top plain (checks/polkadots/stripes and simple patterns okay too), will help to draw attention to the face and features rather than on the clothing. In winter bring some warm top choices like sweaters so we can shoot outside). Also keeping make up and jewellery to a minimum is recommended for an industry standard headshot. Bringing a hairbrush or hair product (and also a hairband for longer hair) will help to keep the pictures tidy.

During the session we will use a variety of backdrops and locations, expressions and angles, to get a good range of shots. As we shoot I will regularly show you the photos to make sure you are happy with your pose/expression/hair. The session will end when we are satisfied we have achieved at least 4 different 'looks' to provide to your agency.

After the session, within a week, I will send over 20-30 of the best unedited shots for you (or your agency) to pick the final 4 images, which I will retouch and have back to you within 5 days (these times may vary if working with an agency). You will also have the option to have additional images edited for a small retouch fee.

I take payment on the day by cash as part of a group day and in advance via transfer on an individual booking. If you need an invoice I will email after session along with the finished photos. 

Price list

Individual prices 

Price includes; 2 hours shooting time, (1 hour for children), 30-80 photo options (watermarked) from the day and 4 fully edited images of your choice. Any additional photos can be edited for a small retouch fee of £15 per additional digital image. 

Adults - £350     

Students - £300

Children (under 18) - £150

(Payment in advance via transfer)

Child Group bookings or Agency Days

A Group booking is 5 or more children (under 18) booking in together. An Agency day is when you or your child has been booked in by your agency for a specific date; This price includes 1 hour shooting time. You or your agency will receive around 20-30 photo choices (watermarked) to choose 3 images for final editing.  Any additional photos can be edited for a small retouch fee of £15 per additional digital image. 

Children (under 18) -£100

(Payment is made via Transfer in advance)

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